blockhain italia receives top of the PID prize

Blockchain Italia S.r.l. wins “TOP of the PID 2020” award for DEDIT.IO Platform

Blockchain Italia S.r.l., a Milan-based blockchain company and winner of the B-hub for Europe 2020 open call for acceleration, has won the Digital Enterprise Points’ “Top of the PID” 2020 prize. This prize rewards the Italian startup for its notarization platform DEDIT.IO.

What is DEDIT.IO?

The notarization platform “”, developed by Blockchain Italia S.r.l., aims to certify the existence and the originality of a document at a specific time. This user-friendly and straightforward platform allows to notarize digital documents and store them in the cloud, send them to third parties and view the history of their registrations directly within the system in an immutable, blockchain-based process. is the only European platform that uses Algorand, a new generation blockchain developed by Silvio Micali, who won the Touring Award, able to ensure security, competitive prices and rapidity of transactions.

The “Top of the PID” prize

The 2020 “Top of the PID” prize is promoted by the Digital Enterprise Points (PID) of the Italian Chambers of Commerce and by Unioncamere to give visibility to companies that are creating or have implemented innovative digital projects, products or services useful to companies in the new scenario created by the Covid-19 spreading.

Pietro Azzara, CEO of Blockchain Italia S.r.l., highlights the relevancy of blockchain solutions for transparent and secure data management

Blockchain Italia S.r.l., founded in 2018, is a software company based in Milan specialised in fintech and blockchain solutions. The CEO, Pietro Azzara, received the prize by the Italian Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfo during the awarding ceremony held at the Internet Governance Forum Italia 2020 from 7th  to 9th  October 2020.

Pietro commented: “Most companies do not exploit the full potential of their documental assets and face difficulties in managing these assets transparently and securely. However, an increasing number of companies are gradually becoming aware that innovation in data management is a key factor for business growth and that blockchain has the potential to help them move towards this direction. We are confident that more and more companies will start adopting blockchain solutions in their processes and their daily activities, also thanks to solutions like which makes the blockchain accessible to everyone with its intuitive design“.


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