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HeHop wins LACCHAIN’s Blockchangel Challenge

B-hub 2020 open call winner HeHop just won LACCHAIN’s Blockchangel Challenge! Read more about the prize and HeHop below.

What is LACCHAIN’s Blockchangel Challenge?

Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and the everis foundation, the LACCHAIN alliance is an innovation ecosystem aiming to develop blockchain in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the context of the 2030 United Nation’s Agenda for Sustainable Development, LACCHAIN’s Blockchangel Challenge supports blockchain projects that contribute to “prevent, mitigate and control” violence against women, children and elderly people in the Latin American region and the Caribbean.

The challenge is open to entrepreneurs, companies, startups, NGOs with minimum viable products. The prize includes:

  • access to LACChain’s infrastructures
  • counselling services and technical support
  • preferential access to IDB-LAB co-financing
  • dissemination and promotion support as part of the global innovation network of the IDB Group

HeHop, an app to certify proofs of violence on blockchain

The European Insitute for Gender Equality estimates the annual (direct and indirect) cost of domestic violence to 109 billion euros. In addition, in France, 1 on 5 women experience harrassing at work; and 90% of complaints are not addressed by local authorities for lack of proof.

Based on this data, HeHop proposes an app that enables victims to record, timestamp and certify proofs of violence on blockchain. The recorded data is invisible on the victim’s mobile phone and is secured on an encrypted server. It can then be retrieved via a key and presented as inalterable evidence in court.

The company was selected amongst 52 projects at global level.

“Winning this challenge on the use of the Blockchain in the fight against violence, in which 52 other teams from 7 different countries took part, confirmed the interest in HeHop as a concrete and conceivable solution” – Sandy Beky, Co-Founder.

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HeHop is supported by B-hub’s acceleration program.