logos of 2020 open call winners

B-hub selects 30 European startups for acceleration

B-hub’s first open call for blockchain startups has closed on September 9. On a total of 99 applications received, 30 startups from all over Europe will participate in our free, expert and customised acceleration program starting this October.

Discover our winners!


Aitenders is an AI powered software enabling Enterprises and Authorities powering up and capitalizing on their response to tenders and their contract management.


BCDiploma provides a turnkey B2B blockchain service, for any institution producing conclusive certificates (higher education, companies, administrations).


BlockAxs provides a holistic approach to the conclusion of contracts via Blockchain Technology (eIDAS conform).

Blockchain Helix AG

Blockchain HELIX is a pioneer in the field of Digital Identity on Blockchain. helix id as the mobile APP gives end users the ability to manage and own their own data and connect to enterprises and digital services in a frictionless way.

Blockchain Italia

Blockchain Italia is a Milan-based software company specialized in Fintech and Blockchain solutions. Blockchain Italia’s mission is to optimize processes through digitization and disruptive technologies.

Charity Wall

Charity Wall is a Social Marketplace and an Automated Audit Solution for the charity sector that, through the BlockChain, traces and certifies the use of donations and allows donating in total security and monitoring, commenting and constantly verifying the development of each specific social project.


Commerc.io enables self-sovereign Identity, exchange and sign documents on an eIDAS compliant blockchain.

Connecting Food

Connecting Food is the first Food Transparency Blockchain. Connecting Food’s blockchain platform tracks and audits food products in real-time from farm to fork, and provides consumers proof that brands are respecting their commitments and fair-trade practices.

Datatrust by Blockchain Partner

Datatrust makes use of the Ethereum blockchain to create a certificate of digital file integrity: documents, photographs, records, … This certificate attests to the existence and status of a file at a given time.


Droon‘s Blockchain Enabling Bridge (BEB) gives access to the power of the Blockchain Technology. The Droon BEB offers a robust solution for development and operation of Blockchain solutions, combining Security and Performance.


EcoSteer, incorporated in Italy in 2017, is an IoT & Blockchain software company with the objective of laying the technical foundations for a new, Decentralized Data Economy. EcoSteer’s Data Ownership Platform (DOP) provides the decentralised governance layer needed to share and ‘monetize’ IoT data streams in compliance with the GDPR.


eCustoms proposes to synchronize and coordinate supply chains with Blockchain technology.


Emblock‘s solutions provide process automation, traceability, easy integration of IoT and end-user applications for coping the challenges of the energy transition.


E-ProcessMED‘s solution SmartConsent is an Informed Consent software. It supports patient understanding and provides security at every step of informed consent.


Europechain offers a GDPR compliant EOSIO blockchain with Enablement layer for rapid deployment.

Evolution Energie

Evolution Energie provides energy software for businesses and utility intensive organizations. Evolution Energie was founded in response to large corporations and cities’ need to handle the new energy and environment challenges. Evolution Energie delivers the tools and services that procurement and environment departments need to manage their commodity portfolio throughout the world.

Finery Tech

Finery eFX, Finery Tech’s flagship product, is a peer-to-peer non-custodial trading technology that provides for reduced execution costs and lower counterparty risk.


HeHop is a free application with embedded blockchain capability that enables users to record legally valid proof of acts of violence. Recording encrypted proof via the blockchain and securing the data on an encrypted server. The solution complements existing applications linked to emergency calls for help, warnings about dangerous areas or road deviations, referrals to various local help and rescue entities close to the attack site, safety wristbands triggering an alarm, various telephone help lines.


HODLNG is a Blockchain start-up incorporated in Tallinn, Estonia. HODLNG dedicates to fixing problems in one market – the Liquefied Natural Gas or LNG industry, at both the EU and global levels. This is done by developing a Blockchain-based, smart contracting regime for LNG logistics.


Kalima provides an embedded blockchain for Industrial Internet of Things completed with a framework to facilitate digital clone developments. Kalima blockchain, brings Blockchain and AI solutions at the edge.

KeeeX – Universal Probative Value

KeeeX provides universal solutions enabling everyone to check and trust any type of information, from data to processes.


Licence.rocks enables to value, buy and sell digital assets on a transparent and trusted platform. License.rocks lets users obtain the best price for the digital assets that they own.


LoanXchain aims at revolutionising the secondary loan market. This market allows lenders, such as banks, specialized credit institutions, but also fintech lenders, to sell some of the loans they hold on their balance sheet to institutional investors, which could be insurance companies, credit funds and family offices.

MXC Foundation

MXC Foundation puts LPWAN IoT in a decentralized way with their MXProtocol. MXC empowers the largest Smart City network.


Neufund democratizes access to capital for innovators & entrepreneurs and make investing easy, safe, and accessible to everyone. Our blockchain-enabled platform connects innovative companies seeking capital with thousands of progressive investors across the globe. Neufund unlocks new funding sources for private companies and new investment opportunities for retail investors, bringing them together in one marketplace.


Like Stripe for online payment, Rockside is the platform for integrating Blockchain in any business. Rockside is a transaction relayer that ensures Blockchain transactions are executed on time, at the best price in a simple and non custodial way.


SPIDERLOG is an innovative solution which allows the content of a shipment to be monitored along the entire route from start to destination, by using new tracking technologies, low-power sensors, IoT connectivity and blockchain features for recording states, events, and timestamps.


The lack of automation in corporate governance reduces performance and increases the risk in decision-making processes. Stampify has developed an efficient compliant technology digitalising and automating the board meeting preparation and its voting workflows. Stampify’s solution brings transparency and traceability to the decision-makers and enhance directors’ involvement and accountability.

Sunny Lake

Clinical studies suffer from a lack of transparency leading to fraud or poor reproductibility. Blockchain is key to the required improvement, by allowing to create a decentralized ecosystem of stakeholders wishing to exchange data in a transparent and secure way with accurate transfer of value. Sunny Lake provides a solution allowing health investigators to create notarized Patient Reported Outcomes.


While supply chains have become increasingly global and fragmented, almost no traceability data flows between participants. This allows massive growth of counterfeit, gray markets, and more generally illicit and unethical activities.

Tilkal is an end-to-end, real-time traceability platform for supply chains. Combining permissioned blockchain networks with data intelligence in a B2B-ready solution, Tilkal enables sharing and analysis of traceability data, improved control over compliance obligations and transparency towards consumers.


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