Startups Acceleration round 1: memorable moments

As the first round of B-hub acceleration comes to an end,we take a look at our work with the 30 startups involved.

One-to-one sessions

Each partner of the B-hub consortium was able to support six startups in their go-to-market strategy, marketing, IP protection, fundraising, and sales strategy through customized one-to-one mentoring sessions.
Examples of topics covered in one-to-one sessions include: Building a selling plan; IPR protection and patent landscape; Introduction to Internationalization; Positioning and branding; Pitch deck bootcamp; Support for customer discovery…

Insightful collective webinars/workshops

Nine collective workshops were offered to the 30 startups accelerated with the participation of internal and external expert speakers. Startups were able to follow sessions and exchange ideas, feedback and knowledge with the experts and the other mentees.Startups were offered the opportunity to meet with experts in sales, regulation, IP, GDPR, public funding as well as investors.

Visibility and speaking opportunities

The B-hub consortium organized events and webinars where accelerated startups were featured. Some startups were invited to share their expertise on a specific domain of interest, while others pitched in front of an audience of public and private stakeholders. Two startups: BC Diploma and Ecosteer, were invited to present their acceleration experiences with B-hub in a European webinar.


Apart from events, several communications were made to put startups in the spotlight: dedicated interviews on our website, social media posts, etc.
Alessandro Conti from Connecting Food, one of the 45 startups accelerated in B-hub, is presenting the technology solution to 40 SMEs in Sicily, Italy. A solution for real-time traceability of products and quality digital audits which create value for agri-food players and restore consumer confidence in food.

On 8-9 June 2021, three accelerated startups (Blockchain Italia, Ecosteer and B2Lab) participated to the Blockchain Revolution Summit presenting their blockchain-based solutions and creating links with a community of experts and business actors in the field.
From November 2020 to March 2021, as part of the B-hub acceleration programme, some startups attended pitching sessions in front of investors juries (e.g. Ecosteer and from Italy and Emblock, Sunny Lake, Hehop from France).


Matchmaking Results

As a result of the matchmaking activity promoted by the B-hub consortium, a pilot project was launched at the Italian Trade Agency – ICE for the notarization of diplomas for participants of the post-graduate Master for Internationalisation ‘Fausto De Franceschi’ managed by the national Agency. The authentication process occurred on the platform, a blockchain empowered platform developed by Blockchain Italia, one of the Italian startups engaged in the B-hub acceleration programme.