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How to improve traceability with blockchain? A B-hub/Blockstart webinar

Join us on April 28 for a discussion on traceability and blockchain! This webinar will be held jointly by B-hub for Europe and Blockstart INTERREG.

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Two complementary European projects focused on blockchain adoption

B-hub for Europe is a Startup Europe-supported project dedicated to foster blockchain adoption in industry and public sector through startup go-to-market support.

Blockstart is an Interreg North-Western Europe project driving competitiveness by bringing together SMEs to raise awareness on Blockchain applications in logistics, agroofood, supply chain and health.

Both projects will present their activities and current news.

An introduction to blockchain technology

Blockchain Partner by KPMG is a leading blockchain technology provider with industrial experience in diverse sectors (public administration, banking, energy…). Their notarization product Datatrust was primed by B-hub in 2020. Elodie Messeant, Analyst will introduce blockchain basics and main traceability use cases as well as product Datatrust.

Two SMEs present their blockchain use case in traceability of data

DrData is a French company dedicated to health data protection and valorization. As a Data Protection Officer specialized in the health and social sector, DrData’s team supports structures to protect their patients’ data. DrData’s blockchain structure, known as “isalid”, relies on smart contracts and a database that is used to track the value chain, offering data security and sharing information for legal protection and data traceability. Presentation by Nesrine BENYAHIA, CEO.

HODLNG is a Blockchain start-up incorporated in Tallinn, Estonia. HODLNG dedicates to fixing problems in one market – the Liquefied Natural Gas or LNG industry, at both the EU and global levels. This is done by developing a Blockchain-based, smart contracting regime for LNG logistics. HODLNG is a B-hub winner from the 2020 open call. Presentation by Jean-Christophe FINIDORI, Founder & General Manager.

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