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[France] Blockchain training session on 18 and 25 November

Systematic Paris-Region organizes a free, online blockchain training session on 18 and 25 November 2020. Public actors, companies interested in the uses of blockchain technologies, attend!

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B-hub training sessions : raising awareness on blockchain applications

B-hub for Europe encourages the adoption of blockchain solutions in the public and private sector. To do so, B-hub partners offer free training sessions, with several objectives:

  • present the basics of blockchain technology as well as successfully implemented use cases
  • inform participants about potential uses in their sectors or organisations
  • linking participants with innovative startups who can address their needs

In France, Systematic Paris Region explores cybersecurity, mobility, monetary applications…

Cybersecurity, data protection, mobility, smart cities, supply chain and monetary applications are among the several sectors of application presented in France.

Systematic already delivered two training sessions with its partners the Paris-Saclay conurbation, Blockchain Partner and The Blockchain XDev. The trainings gathered representatives of corporates, SMEs, territorial authorities and public organisations.

On 18 and 25 November, the next training session will look into financial and monetary applications of blockchain technologies, with a focus on decentralized finance and tokenization.

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Beyond France, B-hub training sessions are taking place at European level. Interested? Check out information for Italy, Germany, Romania and Lithuania.

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