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Are you new to the B-hub project ? Would you like to be informed of our actions and opportunities in the blockchain domain? We issue a bi-monthly newsletter for blockchain experts and enthusiasts around Europe.

For a quick recap of our activities since January 2020, have a look at the previous editions:

Issue #1: April-May 2020

Introducing B-hub

  • B-hub’s main activities
  • How you can get involved in the project
  • A summary of our opening events

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Issue #2: June-July 2020

Our achievements after 6 months of project

  • Launch of first open call for acceleration of blockchain startups
  • Publication of country factsheets at Month 6
  • Special focus: Covid-19 and blockchain

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Issue #3: September-October 2020

Introducing B-hub acceleration programme

  • Results of first open call for acceleration
  • Launch of blockchain awareness building sessions
  • Publication of B-hub blockchain use cases

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Issue #4: January-February 2021

B-hub opportunities in 2021

  • Launch of second open call for acceleration
  • Perspectives on our achievements in 2020
  • Special focus: portraits of startups accelerated by B-hub
  • Publication of enhanced blokchain mapping report

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Issue #5: April-May 2021

Second open call winners announced

  • Results of second open call for acceleration
  • Key statistics from startups accelerated in our program
  • B-hub consortium organizes and participates in international blockchain events

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