[B-hub insigths] All you need to know about the Blockchain

Are you curious about Blockchain? Willing to learn more about its issues?

Discover an extensive lecture that teaches you all you would need to know about the blockchain.
Presented by Andrius Bartminas, the founder and CEO of SUPER HOW?, a blockchain research and innovation company.

Watch the lecture by “SUPER HOW? company

With the end goal of increasing the competency of everyone in the online crypto space, this lecture covers all you would need to know about blockchain.

Topics covered:

  • The history and origin of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
  • The technical aspects behind blockchain
  • The terminology of blockchain technology
  • Blockchain transactions
  • Smart contracts and chaincodes
  • Crypto wallets
  • The blockchain technology cycle
  • Mass adoption of crypto
  • Challenges in blockchain technology
  • Exciting upcoming blockchain projects