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B-hub acceleration services: frequently asked questions

B-hub’s last call for acceleration services opened on February 15.

Winners will benefit from free, expert, customized go-to-market acceleration services; access to a pan-European network of businesses, public actors and startups (Italy, Romania, Germany, France, Lithuania); connection opportunities with investors and counselling on access to public funds; and European visibility through our communication channels and events.

For a selection of the most frequently asked questions on our program and open call, read on!

Is this program available for all EU/EEA startups?

Yes, all startups based in the EU, EEA, H2020 associated countries and UK are eligible to the program.

Do you also provide support for non-profits building blockchain solutions?

B-hub’s acceleration program’s main focus is go-to-market. Though we expect most applicants to be commercial companies, if you are a non-profit in the process of starting commercialization and already have a product, you can also benefit from our acceleration services.

Can only startups that have blockchain in their technology apply for this call?


We are not developing internally blockchain coding, but leveraging on existing softwares to run blockchain on our systems. Is a startup which is using external coding lines to run blockchain in their systems eligible for the accelerator?

There are no hard requirements that you develop blockchain directly, but blockchain should be an important component of your activity. Your use of blockchain, or how central blockchain is to your business model will determine your eligibility to the program.

What level must the startup be in order to be eligible to apply for the call? Can a product that is in ideation phase be considered for the call?

We are expecting a Technology Readiness Level of at least 5, or an MVP minimum, to be considered for the call.

Can we find the call application on the website?

Yes. All information about our call is in section Our Services. You will find there a summary brochure, as well as a description of our acceleration mentors, and the link to apply to the open call.

How many startups will be selected in total?

Over the project duration, we will select up to 50 startups for the acceleration program. For our last open call, we will select between 10 and 20 startups.

How many hours per week will the acceleration require?

The acceleration programme runs over six months (October 2020- March 2021) and includes the equivalent of 12 days of consulting. The hourly distribution of said 12 days of consulting, will be made according to the roadmap you co-design with your lead mentor organisation at the beginning of the acceleration process.

Beyond consulting activities, the acceleration programme includes introductory sessions with businesses, investors, public actors, blockchain startups, participation to events/challenges and other activities depending on your growth roadmap.

For more details on how the acceleration will be delivered, see our dedicated article.


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